Mini me

Ok. So I know matchy-matchy outfits can be dorky. But come on, how cute is she?

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Something vanilla on the needles


I was getting nervous there.

I was down to only one project on the needles, and you know how that is!
My other project is at the finishing stages: button band and neckline ribbing. I wanted something else to do while I procrastinated…If that is possible. I’m just dreading picking up all those stitches!

My criteria: it needed plain stockinette and simple math. I also wanted to use up some stash yarn, and have had this pattern dog-eared ever since I got the book More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
Sounds like a match made in heaven, no?

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Deal Me In

I have a somewhat silly way I keep track of pattern repeats.

Yes, it’s confession time. I keep cards in my knitting bag.


In this particular pattern, Looking Back, there is a 12 row repeat. Before I really got the hang of the pattern, I was having trouble keeping track of my rows.
Was I on row 3 or 10?

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How should I hem this tunic? I’ve tried a couple different lace options that were either too complicated or sloppy looking.
I don’t want bobbles, or garter or stockinette…

What should I do?!