Mini me

Ok. So I know matchy-matchy outfits can be dorky. But come on, how cute is she?

I finished my own Looking Back sweater (still need to buy buttons) and realized I had enough yarn to make a mini version for my three year old daughter.
So, really, I had no choice!
I based the pattern off of the Lucy Top, but converted it to a cardigan style and omitted the increases. The lace pattern comes from the sleeves on my Looking Back cardigan.

Fortunately I had the perfect number of buttons in my stash. I inherited my great aunts sewing box, and there are many treasures in there like these

On the back of the Lady Washington buttons there is a coloring card with an odd looking monkey on it. I feel like he knows something he’s not telling us.

She also had a collection of snaps, which she used often to make Barbie clothes for me and my sister.

I never understood why the clothes never fit my dolls, until I was an adult and saw the vintage barbies she used to size the clothes. Those old fashioned barbies had more… dramatic proportions!

And here are the wooden buttons I ended up using on Autumn’s sweater.

Another of her sweaters I knit had buttons from my Nana’s collection, and I love the sense of history it imbues.
I’m sure I’ll take the buttons off when she outgrows it. I don’t expect her to be able to wear it next year…that’s the hardship about kid knits. You either have it loose and get a couple years out of it; or well fitting, and only get one season of use. Sigh, I guess we had better have one more girl 😉

I realize this one is blurry, but what a little monkey she is! And not the weird, secretive kind.


Ravelled here.


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