At the River’s Edge

Oh, we had so much fun yesterday!
We went to the Dave Moore nature area, which is one of our favorite spots. It is specifically designed for those with physical impairments. It has picnic tables built to accommodate wheelchairs and wide paths and bridges over even the smallest ravine or creek.


We love this because it means it is toddler friendly! We even brought our stroller when Landon was a baby (although the second half of the trail is a little more challenging for strollers)
There are some huge strange rocks that the kids loved climbing around on.


Along the way there were some wild blackberry bushes, which made for fun foraging.

About halfway through the trail takes you to the river’s edge, which rarely has other people there and is the perfect spot for a refreshing dip before you continue on. image

This weathered old tree and pile of driftwood was home to a little beauty.

New to us was a little wading area someone created by placing large rocks a little ways out from the shore. It was perfect for our three.

We had so much fun digging holes, making dams, and collecting interesting rocks. And of course eating snacks.

I especially love the rock near the top. It has the letter m for mama on it.

Some of my favorite childhood memories were made on days like these…exploring campsites, climbing on rocks, following creeks. I hope know our children will remember these times too.


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