Summer Stripes


I cast on this little top for my daughter on the fourth. It’s the third time I’ve knit this pattern, and I adore it. It’s versatile and fits for a long time. Gotta love positive ease in kids clothes. Plus, it’s so nice to have something mindless on the needles!

The other wip (and cotton as well- Debbie Bliss Cathay) I have going is my Looking Back cardigan. I thought I wanted to confine the lace portion to the bodice, but after finishing the front, I decided I wanted lace down the entire thing, as it is written in the pattern.


Yikes, right?! I’m happy to say it was a total success! It could have gotten tangled and ugly real quick, so I waited till the kids were asleep and did it in one sitting.


I so appreciate the fact that Joji includes written as well as charted instructions for the lace panels. I typically use the written instructions at first, until I get the hang of the pattern, then go off the charts.

What about you? Charts or written instructions?


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