Little Bow Chic

I am so pleased with these little cuties! I was looking for a seriously last minute gift for a birthday party gift, and I remembered seeing these pop up on ravelry a while back.

(Ps, I am not eighty, my hands just look like it here)
I finished each of these in about 10 min…maybe even less! I can’t stand how cute they are!
Here is the link to the original pattern. She gives a great picture tutorial for them, you should check it out!

I did make a couple little mods to it.

First of all, I slipped the first stitch of each row to eliminate the side bumps. Not a big deal at all, but I like the look of the edges this way.
In the pattern, the bow is fastened on to a existing ring. But since I needed them that day, and didn’t want to go buy rings, I improvised.

You’ll need to leave long tails at each end of the piece.


After you seam the ends together, you’ll use one tail to wrap around the middle of the bow. The other you will use to make a crochet chain ring.


Stick your crochet hook (I used a D, but any small size should work) into a stitch close to that string. Pull up a loop and chain about 9 st.
Next, slip stitch your chain to the other side of the center like this:


This was meant for a 3yr old, and I tested the chain length out on my daughter to get the right length. It was roughly the same size as my own pinky finger.
Oh, ps I have found this works the best with cotton yarn. I tried with acrylic, and while still cute, it was a little fuzzy looking. You get the best stitch definition with cotton.


Finally, I sewed up a little bag to hold them in using scrap fabric.


Easy and adorable!
Do you have any last minute gift ideas? Please share! (No, really, I would love to hear more options!)


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