Summer Sweater KAL

I’m participating in my first ever knit-a-long ya’ll. It’s very exciting 🙂

At first I was a bit perplexed at the title- Summer Sweater KAL…who wears sweaters in the summer? (Actually I do all the time lol. I get cold at night and have a dozen light weight cardigans. My husband teases me for going to an event carrying a sweater when it’s 100 out.) but there were a lot of tees and tops and cardigans in the suggestions, and I found a pattern that I am so excited to wear.

It’s called Twist Shrug, and it has sizes starting at 2T, which I love.


Ravelry only had a few million options to choose from, so it was a piece of cake to pick one out.

The KAL is from the girls at Nice and Knit, whom I’ve been following for a couple years now.
And the yarn I’m using is from them too. I won it in a giveaway!


So cool. I never win anything, and it was thrilling to open their next email and see my name and comment in the opening lines. Seriously. It was thrilling. I emailed my mom right away 🙂

I’ve already gotten about half way through the pattern, and I’m loving the yarn. Very soft and smooth, with just the tiniest bit of variation in color. I’m not into wild color variegations, or as one raveller put it, “clown barf”. Seriously laughed out loud when I read that.
This yarn is just barely variegated, which is right up my alley.


I just blocked the back piece and it’s almost dry. It grew a little too much when it got wet, I’m hoping as it dries it will shrink up. And for the front pieces I’ll do a steam block instead.

The pattern for the front is making me a little crazy though. I thought I was being so clever and started both front pieces on my circs. Well I just realized I missed one of the instructions for the decreases, and now have to frog about four inches on each.
I should have been simultaneously decreasing for the armhole on the outer sides of the fronts, and decreasing for neck shaping on the other. Sigh.

Not too bad though, as far as mistakes go. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever knit something and not made at least one mistake…It would be like knitting nirvana….one day perhaps ; )

Do you have a favorite little sweater/tee pattern? Participating in a KAL this summer? Please share!


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