How to fix a stitch in minutes (without unraveling the rest of your work!)

Last week I posted this sweater I’ve been working on. It’s the pattern Looking Back by Joji. I just love her patterns, they are modern yet simple.

Well, when I took the picture for that post, I found a purl stitch that should have been knit. Sometimes I just ignore small mistakes, but this one is pretty obvious right in the bodice. I don’t know why this picture is a different color than the rest. The color is more like the latter pictures.


Start by knitting right up to the column that has the mistake. Slip that one stitch off, and draw your needle tips in, scrunching the work back onto the cables, or if you’re using straights, up to the ends.


Then pick your way down the column, unravelling til you take out the mistake stitch. I poked my needle into it in the above picture while I went to get my crochet hook.
Any size hook will work fine, although really small or large ones will be a little more awkward.


Poke your hook through the front of the stitch. Then reach behind the next stitch up and pull it through your original loop. You can keep going this way up the column until you reach the top.


Now slip it into your left needle and keep on truckin.
See? Easy. I’ve done it before with needles, but it’s much easier with a crochet hook. I keep one in my knitting bag for this purpose. You also might use a hook for provisional cast ons, weaving in really short ends, or picking up stitches for edging or sleeves.
I hope this was helpful! Are there any tips or tutorials you might like to see next?


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