er, hello


I’m Nikki! Let’s get past the awkward introduction, and I’ll tell you a bit about myself in pictures.


I’m a knitter. Crazy about it. I sneak it in during outside playtime when I need something to do, and after the kids go to bed…and while waiting in the car for school to get out, or any other time I can get a stitch in!
This is a sweater I’m making for myself… I just noticed there is a purl where a knit stitch should be. Good thing I took this picture! Maybe next week I’ll post about how to fix a stitch that far down…It’s really easy once you know how.


I love to cook and bake.This is a picture of two zucchini loaves, the one on the left is gluten free.




These are our three wild silly beautiful babies. I live to stay at home and be their mom. And I only go crazy every once in a while.


This handsome guy is the best dad, and a hard-working hubby. He makes every day more fun.


This is my Bible. I’m not always consistent, but I try to get up early and read it before the kids wake up.

Stick around! I’ll share what I’m up to, and hopefully someone out there will share back. Nice to meet ya!
Ps, it took me practically a week to get this post together…I don’t know how all these bloggers do it, with more on their plates than me!


5 thoughts on “er, hello

  1. I don’t know how other bloggers do it either! 🙂 What I like to do is have multiple pictures/ideas loaded on my camera, ready to go. Then when I have that rare free moment to blog, I do several posts at the same time and post them in upcoming weeks.

    This is a lovely blog you’ve got here!

    1. Thank you! That is a very good idea 🙂 ps, I’ve already written out 5 letters for the week (printer is broken), and know they will be a hit 🙂 I might post pictures tomorrow, if so I’ll link to you!

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