Gooey Cinammon Squares

Gooey Cinnamon Squares, aka Snickerdoodle Cake

Holy yum. These puppies are so good! It’s a Smitten Kitchen recipe I came across on pinterest… they’re a cross between snickerdoodles and coffee cake. Sweet and moist cake with a gooey top layer and a sparkly cinnamon sugar dusting.

I know, right?

A fellow pinner named this “snickerdoodle crack.” ! I don’t know about that, but I can say that they disappeared awfully fast. It’s not so decadent that you feel guilty having it for breakfast, but it’s sweet and gooey and just right for dessert as well.
It took me two tries to get this cake right. The first time I was running around outside and wasn’t keeping a close eye on the timer. It didn’t burn thank heavens, but there was no sticky top layer and the edges were a little dry. I wanted the ooey gooey version! So, I really had no choice but to make it again. SIGH. The things I do for you. Continue reading

Something vanilla on the needles


I was getting nervous there.

I was down to only one project on the needles, and you know how that is!
My other project is at the finishing stages: button band and neckline ribbing. I wanted something else to do while I procrastinated…If that is possible. I’m just dreading picking up all those stitches!

My criteria: it needed plain stockinette and simple math. I also wanted to use up some stash yarn, and have had this pattern dog-eared ever since I got the book More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
Sounds like a match made in heaven, no?

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At the River’s Edge

Oh, we had so much fun yesterday!
We went to the Dave Moore nature area, which is one of our favorite spots. It is specifically designed for those with physical impairments. It has picnic tables built to accommodate wheelchairs and wide paths and bridges over even the smallest ravine or creek.


We love this because it means it is toddler friendly! We even brought our stroller when Landon was a baby (although the second half of the trail is a little more challenging for strollers)
There are some huge strange rocks that the kids loved climbing around on.

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Deal Me In

I have a somewhat silly way I keep track of pattern repeats.

Yes, it’s confession time. I keep cards in my knitting bag.


In this particular pattern, Looking Back, there is a 12 row repeat. Before I really got the hang of the pattern, I was having trouble keeping track of my rows.
Was I on row 3 or 10?

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